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Steel and Stainless Steel Grinding Discs

Grinding discs have always been an important tool to polish, shape, and finish metal and stone projects. They are often used in machine shops, households, and other industrial establishments for various machine-related projects. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, consistent, and quality-assured grinding disc, Allinton has got you covered with grinding discs from Fast Cut. 

Fast Cut grinding discs have always been top-notch in terms of their technology, safety, and performance. Their high-quality abrasive grinding discs are known to be durable, efficient, and safe to operate because of a triple-reinforced system. In addition to that, Allinton offers various sizes of Fast Cut grinding discs in both Steel and Stainless Steel in order to suit your specific needs.

Order Grinding Discs from Allinton Today

Ordering grinding discs has never been easier. Allinton offers free islandwide delivery across Singapore as well as after-sales support to ensure that you always get the best grinding discs and other hardware equipment like sanding discs, welding machines, pallet jacks and more. For more information, send us an email at or contact us at +65 6265 1888.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grinding Discs

1. What is a grinding disc used for?

Grinding discs are mainly used for the removal of excess materials for stones and metals by way of angular grinding. Apart from that, you can also use grinding discs for resurfacing, retouching, repolishing, and finishing metal and stone machines. Allinton offers Fast Cut steel grinding discs which are suitable for grinding concrete, stone, marble, and non-ferrous metals, as well as Fast Cut stainless steel grinding discs which are optimal for all grades of steel and cast iron. 

2. How long does a grinding disc last?

Assuming that the grinding disc has been stored in an optimal environment, it can usually last up to 2 years with regular use and wear and tear. However, we at Allinton always value safety. That is why it is recommended to have discs that are over 2 years old be reinspected before use to detect any potential degradation or breakage. Allinton also offers recalibration and MOM retesting and other services to ensure your discs continue to perform safely and at a high standard of quality.

3. How do you test a grinding disc?

Always make sure to have your discs inspected and “ring tested” by a professional tester before they are mounted. This ensures that the disc does not have cracks or other defects that could be a safety risk or cause disruptions to your work process. Get in touch with us today to connect with our product specialists and get the latest essential information on your Fast Cut grinding discs. 

4. Can you cut metal with a grinding disc? 

Every type of angle grinder disc or attachment has its unique corresponding purpose. We do not recommend using grinding discs for cutting, or vice versa. If you are searching for a suitable cutting disc, Allinton also carries the Fast Cut Cutting Disc to complement your Fast Cut Grinding Disc and help you achieve a wider range of applications. You can also contact one of our product experts if ever you are not sure what disc should be used for your particular project. 

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