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AE00267 355 x 3 x 25.4 cutting discAE00267 355 x 3 x 25.4 cutting disc



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Fast Cut ®

Heavy Duty & High Performance

Fast Cut® resin boned abrasive wheels are manufactured with high quality fibre-glass reinforcements bearing high tensile strength and shock absorbing characteristics.

Through continuous research & development, we have developed a unique X-Bond resin bonding formula & technology which provide superior grinding efficiency, durability and operator safety.

Consistent High Quality & Safety

Through the wide use of automated manufacturing equipment & computer controlled & processes, and a very stringent quality control process, we are able to produce consistent high quality abrasive wheels.

Fast Cut® wheels are manufactured to comply with German DSA, JIS, OSHA & ANSI B7.1 safety standards.

To meet the exacting safety requirements of the Industrial Safety Code for heavy industries, Fast Cut also product the “Triple Reinforced” depressed center grinder wheels, and the “Double Reinforced” cut-off wheels.

Quality Assurance & Safety

Fast Cut® abrasive wheels are subjected a final Pre-Shipment Inspection for every export shipment and are issued with a Quality Inspection Report to ensure compliance of performance & safety standard.

Cutting Disc (Steel) Cutting Disc (Stainless Steel)
Stock Code Size Stock Code Size
AE00260 100 x 2 x 16 AE00269 100 x 2 x 16
AE00261 115 x 3 x 22 AE00270 115 x 3 x 22
AE01211 125 x 3 x 22 AE01212 125 x 3 x 22
AE00262 150 x 3 x 22 AE00271 150 x 3 x 22
AE00263 180 x 3 x 22 AE00272 180 x 3 x 22
AE00264 230 x 3 x 22 AE00273 230 x 3 x 22
AE00265 255 x 3 x 25.4 AE00274 255 x 3 x 25.4
AE00266 305 x 3 x 25.4 AE00275 305 x 3 x 25.4
AE00267 355 x 3 x 25.4 AE00276 355 x 3 x 25.4
AE00268 405 x 3 x 25.4 AE00277 405 x 3 x 25.4


Quality Cutting Disc & Tools in Singapore

Manual cutters won’t do the job to cut through hard materials like steel and concrete. To tackle such strenuous tasks, the ideal solution would be to use heavy-duty cutting discs. These discs help in making good quality cuts through most tough materials. Developed through continuous research, the cutting discs available at Allinton are made of a unique X-Bond resin bonding formula and technology. This guarantees superior grinding efficiency, operator safety, and durability.

Durable Cutting Discs

Cut-off wheels are used to cut through thick and hard materials and are mostly used as machine parts, like angle grinders. These circular, flat and thin cutting wheels appear similar to a DVD. It can cut through most materials like wood, stone, and numerous metals like steel and aluminium.  

Traditional cutting wheels depend on synthetic resin to act as a binder. But, when coupled with an angle grinder, these discs are easy to use and offer more control for cutting through tougher materials. 

Extensive Selection of Premium Quality Cutting Discs 

We provide authentic cut-off wheels that meet the specific requirements of our customers. We offer a wide selection of cut-off wheels to ensure that you do not run out of choices while making your pick. Some of the incredible features of our cut-off discs that deliver great cutting performances are:

  • Provides a high cutting ratio with excellent efficiency
  • It is extremely sharp and durable
  • The discs are subject to a final Pre-Shipment Inspection to ensure compliance to performance and safety standards

Browse Top-Quality Cutting Disc

Each of our cutting wheels are made using high-quality materials and sourced from highly reputed brands. For a full range of cutting discs and tools, look no further than Allinton. With decades of experience, you can rest assured our services and wide range of products are of top-quality. For more information about any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us.

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