At Allinton, we believe in integrity and always uphold our promises to esteemed clients. Based on this philosophy, Allinton Engineering has successfully navigated the ever-evolving challenges. Since our establishment in 1982, our founder Mr Albert Chin has led the company by setting examples.

The industrial hardware industry is trying to keep pace with emerging trends. At Allinton, we are constantly redefining our products, methods, and solutions based on new ways of thinking. Large or small, inventions and innovations are integral to our operations.

For more than four decades, we have improved our manufacturing capabilities to cater to the needs of modern industries. Being a customer-centric company, we design bespoke tools and engineering solutions based on our client’s requirements. All our manufacturing units have successfully undergone a digital transformation to meet objectives.        

Allinton Awards              

With innovative technology and a firm commitment to customer service, Allinton has been recognised with many awards of excellence. Here are some awards we’ve won.

SME One Award  

In 2013, we have won the SME One Award. The APF Group in Singapore organises the SME One Award. Due to our CRS practices, we were able to bag the SME One Award. This award recognises the efforts of the companies that contribute to development, society, and people.

According to our founder Mr. Albert Chin, it was a great award for Allinton. Contributing to the society where we operate has always been one of our core principles. Besides the responsibility to the planet, Allinton has a profound responsibility to the people.

Participation in Overseas Exhibition like Oil & Gas Indonesia and Malaysia and Buildtech Yangon

Today, Allinton is one of Singapore’s largest hardware distributors. We participated in major overseas exhibitions to showcase our company’s USPs from 2014-15. Following our participation in overseas exhibitions, we were able to increase our market share.

We also managed to find new customers in Malaysia and Myanmar. We augmented the prominence of our brand in these target markets and fostered connections with new organisations.

E50 Award

Allinton is proud to announce that we have won the E50 Award in 2016. Enterprise 50, also known as E50, is a prestigious award program that identifies the achievements of Malaysia’s SMEs. At least 50 companies compete to bag the E50 award.

But in the end, it was Allinton that won this award. We won the award because of our ability to:

  • Promote a greater pursuit of excellence through our services and products
  • Contribute to the economy of Malaysia and steer its growth
  • Invent sustainable manufacturing practices and CSR efforts
  • Diversify business portfolio to include construction and manufacturing

By winning the E50 Award, we were able to use the E50 logo on our products and marketing collaterals. We were also granted exclusive membership to the E50 Club.

BizSafe and BizSafe Star Awards

Allinton won the BizSafe and BizSafe Star Awards in 2018. The BizSafe Awards identify companies for their constant commitment to the BizSafe program. This award also recognises the achievement of a company in uplifting workplace safety and health.

At Allinton, we were able to win this award because of our safe and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We achieved the BizSafe star because our company obtained the SS506 Certification from accredited certification bodies. This award show is organised by the WSH Council in Singapore. Out of many companies, we were able to bag the award because of our dedication to promoting workplace safety.

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to win accolades from across the globe. In the future, we will go beyond the quality requirements for our industry domain. We will always strive to set the tone and do what’s right for the betterment of people and employees.   

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