Achieve Hassle-free Transport with a Pallet Truck

 A cost-effective solution in the transportation of loads across short distances, the pallet truck helps workers move equipment, products and all kinds of load safely without the need for much manpower. The truck is designed as a wheeled trolley that lifts and transports pallets secured with goods within areas in a factory, workshop, stockroom, a job site and anywhere else that requires the need to move a load. The pallet is a structural foundation typically made of a combination of wooden planks and is used to support goods and provide stability when they are lifted. With the pallet truck, work is made increasingly efficient and productive.

How does a pallet truck work?

The pallet truck may be easy to use but, as with any type of equipment, it must be used appropriately by following all safety procedures. 

If there is a load that needs to be transported but too heavy to be carried manually, a pallet truck is a useful option. You must first place the load on a pallet and secure the load onto it using a suitable restraint which can be in the form of lashing straps or ropes. Once the pallet is secured with the load, you can manoeuvre the pallet truck into place by sliding the truck’s forks into the gaps of the pallet. The pallet is structurally designed to allow the pallet trucks and forklifts to fasten onto it. Once the truck’s forks have tightly grabbed the pallet, use the pump attached to the truck to raise the pallet off the ground.

With pallet trucks, workers will not be required to carry the loads on their own. This prevents musculoskeletal injuries in the back, arms and knees caused by excessive bending and lifting of loads.

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