High-Functionality Hydraulic Cylinder in Singapore

Hydraulic cylinders comprise a mechanical actuator that provides a single directional force through a single directional stroke. They are widely used in construction, manufacturing and civil engineering sectors. The cylinder comes with a barrel, a piston as well as a piston rod that moves back and forth continuously. The linear movement generates hydraulic energy that allows the equipment to function.

The two main elements that allow the cylinder to function are the barrel and the piston attached to a piston rod. The piston rod is the part of the cylinder that is attached to the load that is being worked on.

Components of a Hydraulic Cylinder

There are many components of a hydraulic cylinder that are required for the cylinder to perform its job. Some of the main parts include:

  • Barrel: a tube that houses the pistons and piston rods
  • Piston: comes with seals and sliding rings and divides the cylinder into two chambers and prevents oil from passing between the chambers with the use of a piston seal (the movement created is as a result of the pressure difference in both chambers)
  • Piston rod: a high-tolerance steel rod entered into the cylinder through the base or head and mounted on the piston
  • Head: attached to the top of the cylinder with screw, weld or joined with a spring-ring
  • Base: attached at the bottom of the cylinder by screw or weld
  • Welded port: supplies hydraulic fluid to and from the cylinder

Find Premium Quality Hydraulic Cylinders in Singapore

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