Get Top-Quality Safety Boots in Singapore

Safety shoes are an indispensable gear to keep the feet of industrial workers safe from injuries due to heavy or sharp objects. In any work environment, it is crucial that their footwear offer protection from chemicals, water, dirt and debris while also giving good grip over slippery surfaces like cement or mud. At Allinton, we provide a curated selection of work boots and safety shoes in Singapore to ensure our customers have the right shoes for the job.

Importance of Durable Safety Shoes in Singapore

Before deciding on which safety boots you need to get, you need to consider the following aspects before making a more informed decision. This includes:

  • The type of job involved. 
  • How long you will wear this footwear.
  • How often you’ll need them.
  • Any specific dress code to adhere to. 

With safety as the prime concern, the right safety footwear can make a difference when working in a physically demanding environment for hours. When you order from Allinton, the protective boots we offer are made using grain leather and best suited for long-term harsh working conditions. To cater to the increasing needs of workers across various industries, these foot gears are suitable for wearing in humid and hot conditions. Moreover, our range of safety shoes is slip-resistant, making it apt for muddy and slippery areas.

As the outsoles are equipped using PVC or PU materials, they can withstand punctures. Most importantly, these types of shoes are resistant to impact and penetration, giving you peace of mind that your workers are well-protected with optimal comfort. 

Browse Our Range of Safety Boots at Allinton

As one of the largest hardware distributors in Singapore, we continue to deliver trusted brands such as Aboutblu, Nitti, Panther and Tiger to keep every worker safe onsite. Our well-fitting safety boots are oil- and chemical- resistant, making them suitable for gas, petrochemicals, oil, and pharmaceutical industries.

Rest assured our safety shoes in Singapore undergo quality assurance before it reaches our customers. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team! 

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