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The ProFlex® 7041 Hi-Vis Nitrile-Coated Level 4 Cut-Resistant Gloves are designed with two new technologies to create the most comfortable, breathable and best gripping ANSI cut level 4 gloves on the market.

This knit work glove is made with high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fibres for superior A4 cut protection. HPPE doesn’t include steel or glass, often used in other anti-cut gloves, which can cause irritation. The WSX™ dip combined with TenaLux™ yarn makes these palm-coated gloves cool to the touch with 360-degrees of breathability. They are lighter weight than traditional A4 cut-resistant gloves and provide increased visibility with the hi-vis lime on the backside of the hand.

The liquid-resistant special coating absorbs and wicks moisture from the surface, making these firm-grip gloves stand out, especially in wet-oily and wet conditions. The water-based polyurethane (PU) coating combined with nitrile dip also supports maximum dexterity and significantly relieves hand fatigue while ensuring durability.

The ProFlex® Level 4 Cut-Resistant Gloves are best for workers in construction, assembly, fabrication, pulp & paper, service technicians or workers handling sheet metal or other sharp edge materials.

  • CUT PROTECTION – ANSI A4 Cut Protection

  • ABRASION-RESISTANT – ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance

  • SUPERIOR GRIP – WSX™ dip technology provides the best-performing grip in wet/oily conditions

  • BREATHABILITY – WSX™ combined with TenaLux™ yarn provides 360-degree breathability with a cool-to-the-touch feel

  • SEAMLESS KNIT WRIST – Prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove

  • HI-VIS COLOUR – Increased visibility and safety


Improve Personal Safety with Anti-Cut Safety Gloves

In many work situations, certain dangers lurk, so much so that contact with the skin can cause injury. To protect against sharp objects and mitigate risks that might lead to infections and contaminations, it is paramount to take the necessary steps to ensure personal safety. Furthermore, workers in heavy-duty industries are also prone to hand injuries. With that in mind, the next course of action is to provide your workers with the correct personal protection equipment, complete with cut-resistant safety gloves to protect the hands.

How Important are Safety Gloves? 

By equipping your workers with anti-cut safety gloves, it is possible to prevent most hand injuries that can be brought about by extreme cut hazards such as sharp blades, heavy metal stamping and plate glass work. This type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps by enabling your workers to carry out potentially hazardous tasks and increase work efficiency with safety precautions in place. Moreover, the right size of cut-resistant gloves that are tailored for an enclosed fit can improve grip for the handling of tools and abrasive materials. At the same time, the presence of a nitrile coating in the anti-cut gloves offered by Allinton provides excellent grip in oily and wet environments while simultaneously functioning as a barrier to some of these oils and liquids, increasing protection levels without restricting dexterity. 

Depending on the job, it is thus important to consider the following:

  • Hazards involved

  • Exposure limits to chemicals

  • How long workers will be wearing the gloves

  • The size of the glove

Get Personal Protective Equipment at Allinton

As the biggest hardware supplier servicing oil and gas, construction and other industries in Singapore, Allinton provides top-class safety equipment such as cut-resistant gloves at competitive pricing so workers have the required gear to operate around equipment and materials safely. With high-quality protective gear, including composite safety boots and more, suitable for a spectrum of industries, we are here to make sure that you remain safe and protected.

Get in touch with us for more information on how to choose the type of PPE that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-Cut Gloves

1. What are cut-resistant gloves good for?

As its name suggests, cut-resistant gloves are designed for use when working with sharp objects and edges like knives. They provide an additional level of protection and precaution for the fingers and hands from injuries such as lacerations, cuts, and other cutting accidents. However, it is crucial to note that this is highly dependent on the type of cut-resistant hand gloves leveraged. 

2. Are cut-resistant gloves worth it?

While some might argue that cut-resistant does not mean cut-proof, the truth of the matter is that these gloves will surely reduce the likelihood of suffering from cuts and also reduce the severity of a cut should it occur. Therefore, if you are looking for optimal solutions to protect yourself and your workers against the hazards you might face, investing in the proper cut-resistant gloves is worth considering. 

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