A torque wrench is a versatile tool used across various industrial domains. Its primary function is to fasten nuts, bolts and screws by applying a specific amount of torque (Nm) as specified by the manufacturer of the equipment being worked on. Before purchasing a torque wrench in Singapore, it is important to choose the right type of wrench that is ideal to perform the task.

Common types of torque wrenches

The most popular torque wrench Allinton provides in Singapore – sourced from Alkritonic, Protools and USA – comes with a click mechanism. More commonly referred to as the click torque wrench, this tool requires the user to manually apply the torque to the industrial fastener. The clutch mechanism in place allows the user to preset the level of torque before applying the force. What makes this wrench popular is its shut-off mechanism feature which prevents the wrench from exceeding the desired torque value.

Another type of torque wrench makes use of electrical energy to generate the torque. The wrench is fitted with a gearbox fixed to a brushless electric motor. A reaction device, which lies at the end of the gearbox, is responsible for delivering the programmed torque onto the nut or bolt with minimal human effort. Among electric torque wrenches, the battery-powered ones are more convenient as they are portable, allowing them to be used anywhere across the workshop or worksite.

All torque readings are also recorded in a memory device. These readings are useful for those who need to ensure traceability and accountability of the work completed.

We also provide the hydraulic torque wrench in Singapore. As its name suggests, it uses hydraulic means to deliver more precise levels of torque. It is by far the most efficient type of wrench used in situations where high pressure is required for fastening, which thus make it popular in the shipbuilding, oil and gas industries.

Find the right type of torque wrench in Singapore

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