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 The extremely flexible cordless torque multiplier


  • alkitronic® EB: Battery-driven torque multiplier from 170 Nm to 6,000 Nm / 125 ft.lbs to 4,425 ft.lbs.
  • Extremely mobile and always ready for use: Innovative product design for comfortable working – independent of external power supply.
  • Permanent higher joint quality by continuous rotation of the square drive.


  • Ergonomic design: Ultra grippy housing for your safety and a secure bolting procedure.
  • OLED-display: Anti-glare and high contrast – for perfect reading under all weather conditions.
  • High-quality bolting: The brushless synchronous motor with excellent efficiency and the smart processor-controlled automatic shutdown ensures amazing increased productivity and low running costs.
  • Low noise emissions, no noise protection necessary.
  • alkitronic® smart service: Enabling wireless documentation and information.
  • Unique 1-finger trigger: Unbeatable efficiency through fast, simple change of direction of rotation.
  • Maximum flexibility: Thanks to the application-specific, modular software packages from alkitronic® – e.g. bolting according to the torque/rotation angle method with adjustable min./max. torque limitation. Can also be retrofitted later if the bolting application changes.
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 3% for the same bolting application.

Health and safety first

  • Due to a new technology patented by alkitronic®, the reaction torques are decoupled. This leads to an enormous reduction of the reaction forces on the wrist to 1 Nm and thus actively contributes to the occupational health and safety of the user.

Unique Features

  • Simple navigation: Intuitive interface drastically reduces operating errors and maladjustments.
  • Outstanding battery concept: Vast increase in operating time thanks to innovative switching from 4 to 6 Ah. 
  • Torque adjustment in 10 Nm steps
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy of 3% for the same bolting application.

What is a Battery Torque Multiplier?

A torque multiplier is a tool commonly used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts — an electronic alternative to using a wrench to do the aforementioned manually. Given its ability to increase the amount of applied torque, workers can work rapidly to assemble or disassemble everything from heavy machinery to vessels. Providing upgraded safety, greater precision and increased levels of productivity and efficiency, this is a must-have tool in any toolkit. However, in recent years with the advances in battery life and electronic control technology, battery torque wrenches have entered the market and offer workers a portable and convenient alternative.

Why Choose Battery Torque Wrenches

Compared to other torque wrench varieties, battery torque wrenches are lightweight and rid the need for a power cord. This means that tool can be used in applications that require work to be done in tighter spaces. Newer models such as those found on Allinton also come with an automatic release function that gets activated once the torque is applied to the bolt, saving cost and time. Other benefits of using a battery torque wrench include accuracy, power and safety. With features such as an ergonomic pistol grip which reduces the strain on users and prevents injury, the battery torque wrench is an optimal tool.

Shop for Battery Torque Multipliers at Allinton

If you’re looking for a reliable battery-powered torque wrench supplier in Singapore, look no further than Allinton. We have decades of experience and are committed to providing reliable engineering and hardware tools. Dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality products for your engineering and construction needs, our list of products is limitless. Besides our high-quality battery-powered torque wrenches, we also offer manual torque wrenches from Protools, Hydraulic torque wrenches from Kanazawa, and Pneumatic torque wrenches from Alkitronic. You can also turn to Allinton to shop for air needle scalers, rotary cutters and other accessories, as well as servicing, maintenance and repair services for all types of torque wrenches distributed by Allinton. Reach out for more information on your preferred battery torque wrench — our friendly staff in Singapore will be happy to address your queries. In addition, Allinton also offers product demonstrations at specific sites or our warehouse, and also product training to end users upon successful purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Torque Wrenches

1. Are electric torque wrenches worth it?

If you are looking for portable, convenient and calibrated torque tools that are durable and have a long battery life, then the battery torque wrench is worth considering. They also do not require a power cord or airline and have electronic features that other pneumatic tools do not offer. However, do note that it is pivotal to assess your needs and application requirements before investing in one.

2. What is a battery torque wrench used for?

Commonly used in heavy industries, battery torque wrenches are tools that loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. Allowing users to work smarter and not harder, these wrenches adjust flexibly and quickly to various screwing situations. At Allinton, our battery-operated torque wrench brings mobile cordless bolting safety to new heights with its smart processor-controlled automatic shutdown feature.

3. How to choose an electronic torque wrench?

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right torque wrench. For one, you will have to look into the accuracy levels of the torque wrench. Thereafter, look into the brand, size and material of the wrench to ensure that the tool will be durable and last long. 

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