Shutdown and Maintenance Tools



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    • 70Mpa max working pressure; keep the accuracy ±3%.
    • 5 models with the range from 232-44593N.m
    • 360*180 degree swivel &360*360 degree swivel allow the wrench free to operation with no space limitation.
    • More accuracy and easier when the wrench direct operate on the nuts.
    • Compact design with longer arm fully advances the reliability.
    • Compact design with the raw material of advanced
    • Aluminum-titanium alloy, high intense.
    • The new locking coupler ensures the oil keep free access.

    LOW series is the professional Low profile hydraulic torque wrench which KANAZAWA vigorously extends in international market. Compare with the square drive hydraulic torque wrench, this series work directly on the nuts, and its body suits well in the narrow space. LOW covers the nuts from S19 to S175.To fulfill all different working situations; the user can just replace the hexagon cassette because the hexagon cassette is changeable, or add the reducer. KANAZAWA provide after-sales service all over the world, and already got the approved by TUV certificate.

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