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Top-Quality Safety Belt Harnesses In Singapore

Working at heights can be dangerous and calls for protective safety gear like safety belts. High-quality protective belts ensure safety while working in hazardous work conditions. When secured safely, it allows workers to operate productively using both hands. We provide a broad spectrum of safety harness belts that are suitable to perform tasks at different elevations.

Why Are Safety Belts Essential?

Otherwise known as protective belts or fall arresters, safety belts are made using durable materials with high tensile strength. The main aim of a protective belt is to protect the wearer from any potential danger during risky activities while working at heights or at construction sites.

Compared to full body harnesses, safety belts are designed to hold and sustain the wearer at a specific location. Our safety belts are compact, lightweight, and easy to wear. They are ideal for use in construction, tower maintenance, wall formwork, ladders, tree climbing work, and more. 

Our Range of Protective Safety Belts

We provide industrial-grade protective belts suitable for construction workers, window cleaners, crane operators, and anyone who needs to work at heights. Our safety belts are available in various designs and are equipped with sturdy D-Rings for maximum support.  

On top of being capable of securing heavy weights, our protective gear is quality-tested and highly durable. Ensure excellent safety plus great comfort for your whole crew when you choose safety belts from Allinton. 

Browse Safety Belts at Allinton 

We take pride in providing our clients with cost-effective and innovative safety harness belts such as permanent or temporary fall arresters, safety rails, and more. We also ensure enhanced safety by providing protective devices that workers can use with ease. We aim to contribute engineering solutions to protect the lives of those working at heights.

Reach out to us to find out more about the best safety belts in Singapore now!

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