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Full Body Harness for Fall Protection in Singapore

To ensure proper workplace safety, you need to have the right safety equipment and use it correctly. If your job requires you to work at heights, wearing a full body harness is an essential safety measure to prevent accidental injuries and falls. At Allinton, you can find sturdy safety harnesses in a variety of configurations to suit your specific requirements. Each of our full body safety gear is tested to the highest standards and is suitable for various applications.

Work Safely With Our Full Body Safety Harness

Our full-body safety harnesses ensure more comprehensive protection than a simple belt setup. This is because it supports both the torso and legs and works in conjunction with lanyards and shock packs to absorb the impact of a fall. Our safety harnesses are also equipped with back D-Rings that can be attached to connectors and used for worker positioning, travel restraint, or ladder climbing. As such, wearing a safety harness significantly reduces the potential harm that could happen to your body when working at heights.

We provide the best full-body safety harnesses for technicians, arborists, construction workers, and labourers in diverse industries. On top of providing safety and peace of mind, our harnesses are also comfortable and easy to use for extended periods of time, enabling workers to move around freely without any obstruction.

Our Range of Safety Harnesses

Full Body Harness: K451

  • 1 back D-Ring Static Strength: 15kN
  • Net wt: 0.70kg
  • Approval: PSB / CE EN361

Full Body Harness: K454S

  • 1 back & 2 front D-Ring(Steel)-Wt: 0.70kg

Full Body Harness: COLOCK

  • 1 back D-Ring with reflective strip
  • Static Strength: 15kN
  • Net wt: 0.90kg
  • Approval: PSB / CE EN361

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With decades of experience in engineering and safety equipment, we are the trusted provider of safety harnesses in Singapore. Rest assured that the full-body safety harnesses from Allinton are the best and most important purchase you can make for your work crew.

Connect with our customer support team to find out more about safety harnesses and ensure worker safety today!

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