Improve Personal Safety with Safety Gloves

In many work situations, certain   can be dangerous such that contact to the skin can cause injury. To protect against infection and contamination, it is paramount to take the necessary steps to ensure personal safety against hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, workers in heavy-duty industries are also prone to hand injuries. With that in mind, the next course of action is to provide your workers with the correct protective suit, complete with cut and impact-resistant safety gloves to protect the hands.     

How Important are Safety Gloves

By first equipping your workers with safety gloves, it is possible to prevent most hand injuries and reduce such risks. This type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps by enabling your workers to carry out potentially hazardous tasks and increase work efficiency with safety precautions in place. Moreover, the right size of safety gloves can improve grip for handling application of tools and other objects. Similarly, protective suits like that of chemical suits and gloves should be highly protective and should not restrict dexterity. 

Depending on the job, it is thus important to consider the following:

  • Hazards involved
  • Exposure limits to chemicals
  • How long workers will be wearing the gloves
  • The size of the glove

In addition to providing form-fitting safety gloves, if there is welding involved at the worksite, it is also equally imperative that your workers wear goggles or safety glasses. Designed to prevent damage to the eye, your pick of welding goggles should provide a level of protection from extreme heat, sparks and other hazards associated with welding. It’s important for welders to protect their eyes with quality welding goggles so that they can work safely and feel confident knowing their equipment will keep them safe.  

Get Personal Protective Equipment at Allinton

As the biggest hardware supplier servicing oil and gas, construction and more industries in Singapore, Allinton provides top-class safety garments at competitive pricing so workers have the required gear to operate around equipment safely. With high-quality protective gear such as welding goggles, safety gloves and more products, we are here to make sure that you remain safe and protected even in the most dangerous jobs.

Get in touch with us for more information on how to choose the type of PPE that best suits your needs.  

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