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Whenever we try opening stubborn valves, we usually look for ways to gain a stronger grip. Sometimes we may even put a cloth around the valve hoping that it would give us a tighter handgrip. However, this technique does not work all the time and can also cause injuries. Some people may even resort to using pipe wrenches. However, while this may be effective at first, it can end up tearing the valve handle over time due to its sharp jaw pattern, damaging your materials and equipment. 

A better way to deal with stubborn valves is to use a specialised tool such as the Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrench by Protools. This wrench is specifically designed to turn and open tight and stubborn valves. Its special head design gives extra grip and support to the valve wheel, preventing it from slipping.

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Order Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrenches at Allinton

Enjoy free islandwide delivery in Singapore with after-sales support when you order the Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrench by Protools from Allinton. Our extensive catalogue of hardware tools and equipment ensures you can find the tool you need to carry out any task, from wheel wrenches to torque wrenches to impact wrenches and more. We also offer metal fabrication, re-calibration, MOM re-testing, and product specialist consultations to ensure our products can serve your needs effectively and safely. Contact us for more information through or call us at +65 6265 1888. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrenches

1. What is a surgrip valve wheel wrench?

A surgrip valve wheel wrench is a type of wrench that is specifically designed to give higher leverage to exert more force in opening tight valves with less effort required. This wrench has a longer handlebar compared to other wrenches which enable the operator to perform the task faster, prevent physical strains, and negate any chances of injuries. Using this type of wheel wrench increases the efficiency of your job process and produces faster results. 

2. When is a surgrip valve wheel wrench needed?

A surgrip valve wheel wrench is best used for valves that have become tight due to overturning. It is also effective for opening valve wheels that have become tight due to idle time and corrosion. Aside from opening stubborn valves, you can use surgrip valve wheel wrenches to close and tighten valve wheels as well.

3. How does a surgrip valve wheel wrench work?

The operator must first measure the size of the valve wheel in order to determine which valve wheel wrench fits best. To find out the size of the valve wheel, use a tape measure and get the measurement of the valve rim. Protool’s Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrench comes with valve rims ranging between 290 mm to 560 mm to suit a variety of applications. Once you have found the right fit for your intended job, hook the valve wrench and start turning clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether you want to open or tighten the valve wheel. To learn more, you can contact one of our product specialists ready to assist you on how to use Protool’s Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrench.

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