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RIDGID ladders are available in aluminium and fiberglass. Meet OSHA requirements and comply with code requirements of the American National Standard Institute. Also meets and exceeds Canadian Standards Association testing requirements.

Fibreglass Step Ladders- Type 1A Extra Heavy Duty

It features a non-conductive molded work tray that provides multi-functional tool slots for increased productivity. Makes work easier for electrical utility, heavy construction and residential jobs keeping tools close at hand.


  • Heavy-duty molded top cap
  • Double-rivet step construction
  • Inside spreader braces
  • Wide back braces
  • Extra heavy load bearing capacity up to 136 kg.
  • Four heavy legs support, double hinge, anti-skid rubber foot for safety and long service life
  • Insulating and solid glass fibre frame is lightweight and easy to fold
Stock Code Model No. Step Size No. of Steps Total Ladder Height Weight (kg)
mm ft m ft
AH76682 RL-FGS4 76 3 3 1.22 4 7.1
AH76687 RL-FGS5 76 3 4 1.52 5 8.6
AH76692 RL-FGS6 76 3 5 1.82 6 10.1
AH76697 RL-FGS8 76 3 7 2.44 8 13.8
AH76702 RL-FGS10 76 3 9 3.04 10 17.5
AH76707 RL-FGS12 76 3 11 3.65 12 22.0


What is a Step Ladder

A ladder is an essential climbing equipment that is often used in construction, maintenance, and several other industries. Manufactured for various applications and industries, they are the perfect addition to any residential project or work truck. Handy and portable, they are also easy to set up and move around wherever you need them. However, given the extensive array of ladders, it is crucial to understand the key differences between each. For example, while both step ladders and other standard ladders are equally helpful, their difference lies in how they are supported and set up. Standard extension ladders are multi-purpose and offer a stable working position even when used at extended heights. 

A step ladder, on the other hand, is distinguishable due to key differences. While a typical ladder is merely a series of steps attached in between two vertical metal or wooden adjustable lengths, step ladders are self-supporting, non-adjustable ladders. Slim and compact, it’s able to support itself without the need to lean on a flat and stable surface. Instead, you can set it up on its own, rest assured that it will remain stable and offer sufficient support even when used hands-free. 

Why Use a Fibreglass Step Ladders

A fiberglass step ladder has many benefits and is proven to be useful in construction-related projects. As a double-sided step ladder that is constructed from fiberglass and further reinforced with plastic, this step ladder doesn’t conduct electricity. Therefore, it is the recommended choice for electrical or industrial use. 

Compared to wood, fibreglass is also more durable and strong. While aluminium ladders are considered durable, they are prone to bending and natural degradation, especially when exposed to external factors such as heat and rain. Fibreglass step ladders are hence the best choice when you’re working outdoors and when you’re moving from one project to another as they are not only stronger and more robust but also weigh less than the aluminum ones.

Get the Best Fibreglass Step Ladders from Allinton

The RIDGID Fibreglass Step Ladder is a heavy-duty step ladder that you can use for all your construction needs. Shop the best range of ladders on Allinton. Beyond an extensive selection of ladders, we also distribute lifting tables and other products. Setting the professional standard in hardware distribution, Allinton is your one-stop-shop for all your hardware and industrial needs – work with us today. 

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