Magnetic Drill


BRAND: Unibor

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Powered entirely by compressed air, the Airbor 2 is aimed at applications such as petrochemical plants; offshore oil and gas facilities; mining; shipyard and marine, mineral and powder processing industries, etc. By eliminating the risk of explosion from sparking and the danger of electric shock and short circuits due to moisture, the airbor is quite simply the only magnetic drilling machine that can offer such a high degree of safety.

Safety Features:

· Failsafe Permanent Magnet

· Safety interlock system – Motor will only run if magnet is engaged

· Anti-spark, anti-static construction designed for use in hazardous & explosive environment

· ATEX certified motor


· Fully Air Powered

· Light weight yet Powerful

· ‘Through-tool’ coolant system

· Supplied pressurized coolant system for accurate, smooth & clean cuts

· Integral Arbor support for precise cuts

  • Cutter Capacity: 2”
  • Chuck Capacity : 1/2″ (adaptor)
  • No Load Speed : 400rpm
  • Air Consumption : 30cfm
  • Air Pressure : 6.3 bar
  • Clamping Force : 6375N (650kg)
  • Stroke : 120mm
  • Dimension : 260mm x 190mm (260mm incl handle) x 490mm
  • Magnet Size: 160 x 100mm
  • Magnet Adhesion: 1460 lbs
  • Twist Drill Capacity: 1/2”
  • Weight : 13kg
  • Standard Air Inlet : 3/8″ BSP female thread
  • Standard Accessories : Carrying case, Allen Keys, Safety Strap & Guard, Cutting Oil
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