High-Performance Magnetic Drill Machines

A magnetic drill is a portable tool used for drilling holes in steel and most types of magnetic metals, such as iron. It can be carried to the job site or be moved between different workstations within the workshop. This increases the efficiency of work as it eliminates the need to manoeuvre large drilling machines or the need to bring materials to a stationary drill press. The magnetic drilling machine has been a useful industrial tool for our clients in Singapore and overseas, and has helped improve work productivity by huge margins.

Parts of a Magnetic Drilling Machine & Types

The magnetic drilling machines, such as those supplied by Allinton, are typically powered by a brush DC, grease gearbox or oil bath gearbox motor. Attached to the magnetic drill is the arbour or the chuck, which is a clamp that accommodates the core drills. There is also the annular cutter which makes the specified holes. The front support brackets maintain the connection between the arbour and the cutter and guides the user by helping to prevent the drill from boring too deep of a hole. The electromagnet – base of the drill – offers a strong pulling force that attaches to the metal being worked on, ensuring control and safety of the user. We work with Unicut to supply different types of magnetic drilling machines to customers in Singapore and other parts of the world. Some of these varying drill types include:

1. Electrical magnetic drill

Electrical magnetic drills are lightweight and easy to use. However, due to the electric nature of the magnetic drill, it is not suitable for use in wet conditions.

2. Pneumatic magnetic drill

A pneumatic magnetic drill runs on compressed air, which thus allows for use in wet conditions.

They can also be operated in flammable environments as the user does not need to worry about sparks generated as a result of the drilling.

3. Hydraulic magnetic drill

With the use of hydraulic drive systems, the hydraulic magnetic drill performs well when used underwater.

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For efficient and accurate hole cutting and drilling jobs on-site and in the workshops, magnetic drill machines are a tool that will guarantee the accuracy of the task at hand. At Allinton, we have a complete product line that includes variants such as electric and pneumatic magnetic drills. Contact us for more information on our magnetic drilling machines in Singapore.

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