What is a TIG Welding Machine?

A TIG welding machine is used for tungsten inert gas welding, which uses non-consumable tungsten electrodes to create an arc between the electrode and the workpiece. The gas does not obscure the user’s view of the arc, making it easier to produce clean, attractive welds. Moreover, TIG welding lets you merge a wide range of materials in any position: horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

A TIG welding machine creates a short circuit or an arc between a tungsten electrode and the metal being welded. The former accumulates heat to liquefy the material while the nozzle releases a shielding gas, which is typically noble gases like argon, helium, or a combination of both. These inert or non-reactive gases keep airbourne contaminants from mixing with the heated material and causing unintended chemical reactions. 

When Should You Use a TIG Welding Machine?

TIG welding is ideal for joining non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium, and stainless steel. Moreover, it is a great choice for merging thinner metals prone to warping and burn-throughs because it produces clean and precise welds. You could TIG weld for various projects, whether it requires the use of filler material or not. Some of these projects can include art and jewellery making since the TIG welding machine allows for precise control over the welding parameters and produces high-quality welds. It is also commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and precision manufacturing.

Choose a High-Quality TIG Welding Machine at Allinton

If you need a reliable TIG welding machine, choose Allinton. Beyond our range of TIG welding machines, we also offer a range of welding equipment, and other types of welding machines like Inverter welding machines and Arc welding machines. Contact us so that our friendly staff may provide more details about our various products.

Frequently Asked Questions About TIG Welding Machines

1. What are the advantages of TIG welding?

TIG welding is the ideal choice when you need clean, precise, and high-quality welds. These welding machines deliver precise heat control that helps users create clean, attractive welds requiring minimal cleaning or finishing. As a result, a TIG welding machine is great for highly visible projects like artworks and architectural features. TIG welding is also great due to the minimal spatters that it creates, alongside the wide range of materials that it can weld.

2. What is better MIG or TIG welding?

The choice between MIG and TIG welding depends on the specific application. MIG welding is faster and more suitable for thicker materials, while TIG welding is slower but produces higher-quality, precise welds on thin materials. MIG welding is also easier to learn and more economical, while TIG welding requires more skill and equipment but produces higher-quality welds. Fortunately, you may purchase high-quality TIG and MIG welding machines from Allinton. 

3. Which TIG welder is best?

You should choose the best TIG welding machine that suits your project. Allinton offers a broad lineup of TIG welders that offer long-lasting performance and numerous features. For example, the TIG 200P WELDING MACHINE lets you save settings for specific types of projects.

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