Toolbox Trolleys and Storage Cabinets

Tool boxes, trolleys, carts, and tool cabinets are useful workstation essentials for the central storage of tools in an organised manner. They are ideal for engineers and technicians working in a variety of fields, such as electricity, aviation, construction, power, gas, piping, plumbing, and more. We source quality and user-friendly storage tool boxes and cabinets for our customers in Singapore and beyond.

Functions of Toolbox Trolleys and Tool Cabinets

We carry different sizes of toolbox trolleys and cabinets in Singapore for multipurpose organisations. These tool cabinets can be stored below or linked to every workbench in the workstation, allowing technicians performing their tasks at the respective benches to have the required tools for their equipment within arm’s reach.

The toolbox trolley and cabinets are also easily movable with robust wheels that can withstand the rough floor surfaces of workshops and outdoor work sites, as well as the weight of all the tools stored within them. Our offerings range from 5-drawer tool cabinets to 13-drawer tool cabinets and more.

Investing in a tool box, trolley, or cart is an investment in your workspace efficiency and the longevity of your tools.

Compact & Efficient Toolboxes

As an alternative to tool cabinets, we also provide toolbox trolleys and carts in Singapore. These small yet highly efficient storage devices allow technicians to organise their tools in a travel-friendly metal box and carry it conveniently to the site of work. Despite being lightweight, our selection of toolboxes is also made from thick, durable steel plates, which ensures that the tools are safe from impact or rain. Built with multiple stacked shelves or hydraulic pull-out drawers, these toolboxes are incredibly spacious and can store a range of tools of various sizes. The storage cabinets and toolboxes are also protected with a layer of corrosion-free paint to ensure their longevity.

Tool cabinets and toolboxes are a must-have for every technician, engineer, or individual working in fields that require the use of a variety of handheld tools as part of their jobs.

Browse Our Range of Tool Cabinets and Boxes in Singapore

Since 1982, Allinton has made its mark in the hardware distribution industry with its wide range of products. Available at competitive prices, our tool cabinets are the ideal storage solution for all your tools and equipment. Providing ample storage and organisation options, utilise our toolboxes and drawer cabinets to set up an efficient workspace. For more information about our storage cabinets and toolboxes available in Singapore, contact us or drop us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions about Toolbox Trolleys

1. What is a toolbox trolley?

A toolbox trolley, or tool cart, is a mobile container with compartments and drawers, mounted on wheels, used to store and transport tools and equipment. It is commonly used in industrial, construction, and maintenance settings to keep tools organised and easily accessible.

2. When is a toolbox trolley needed?

A toolbox trolley is needed when there is a need to organise and transport tools and equipment in an efficient and safe manner. They are commonly used in settings where tools and equipment need to be moved frequently, such as on job sites, in workshops, and in manufacturing facilities. These tool carts are also useful in any scenario where there is a need to keep the tools securely locked but still easily accessible.

3. How do I choose a toolbox trolley?

When choosing a toolbox trolley, consider the following factors:

  • Size and Capacity: Choose a trolley that fits the size and number of tools you need to store and transport.
  • Durability: Look for a trolley made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use and transport.
  • Mobility: Consider the number of wheels and their quality, as well as the handle for easy movement.
  • Compartments: Look for a trolley with multiple compartments and drawers to help you organise your tools.
  • Locking mechanism: If security is a concern, look for a trolley with a lockable lid or drawers to keep your tools safe.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the trolley is compatible with the tools and equipment you have.
  • Price and warranty: Compare prices and warranty to ensure you get the best value for your money.

When choosing a trolley for your welding equipment, it’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences. A well-designed trolley can make it easier to transport your welding equipment, hand tools, ventilation fans, and safety shoes to and from your work area, saving you time and effort.

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