Powerful Cordless Drills in Singapore

From trade professionals to technicians working on construction projects, a cordless drill is useful for numerous applications. A versatile item in any carpenter’s toolbox, it works to effectively reduce the amount of labour required to complete projects. Offering great mobility, it can be used to carry out tasks such as drilling holes and driving screws into place. Available in different varieties, there is sure to be a drilling tool that is suitable for any specific working application you have in mind.

Applications of a Cordless Drill

As its name suggests, cordless drills do not come with an extension lead that you’ll have to drag around when getting the job done. From heavy-duty construction works to woodworking jobs, these powerful drilling gadgets will help you to complete your task easily. Adjustable and adaptable to carry out any task, it comes with different types of drill and driver bits.

At Allinton, our cordless drills are sourced from industry-leading brands. Our portable electric drilling machine is also equipped with rechargeable batteries and a plug-in charger for operation. On top of that, its high voltage battery supports its use on tough materials. For heavy-duty jobs, its torque will not disappoint either.

Matching a Drill to Your Job

In order to choose the perfect cordless drill in Singapore to complete your task efficiently, you need to consider the following parameters to make the right choice:

  • Chuck sizes – The chuck is where you insert the drill bit. Selecting the right chuck size ensures that the drill bit of your choice will be held in place properly.
  • Handle – Based on the type of task at hand, you need to choose the right handle type for your drill. You can either opt for the D-shaped drill handle or the T- shaped handle suitable for heavy-duty drilling works – this will improve the safety and accuracy when conducting drilling works.
  • Power efficiency – Our drills have varying voltages, delivering pure power.

Browse Our Range of Cordless Drills

Portability, manoeuvrability, and convenience – using a cordless drill brings several advantages. To leverage its full list of benefits, it is best to pick the right drill for the task at hand. If you wish to purchase a robust and durable cordless drill in Singapore, Allinton makes available the best options. Get in touch with our service team for more information on our products today.

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