Portable and Versatile Lever Block

A lever block, also known as a lever hoist, is an industrial tool used to lift and lower heavy loads without heavy machinery. It is a hand-operated portable and versatile tool that is especially suitable for use in narrow work areas to lift or lower load at different angles. This is a much sought-after alternative to chain blocks and chain hoists that can only lift loads vertically. We work with Kanazawa and Vital to source for the best lever block for your industrial requirements that are certified for use in many countries.

How does a lever block work?

A lever block comes with the lever (handle) attached to a block that comprises an internal gear system responsible for the movement of the chain. To move the load using the lever hoist, the user needs to move the lever up and down to power the gear system. Every lever hoist comes with a heavy-duty safety cap that is attached to the load, and a swivel at the top for the user to lift the load at various angles. There is also a handwheel that can be turned to release or retract the chain at any desired length.

In every work setting, it is important to abide by work safety rules when using any equipment. In the case of the lever block, there is a specific working load limit according to the type of hoist used. The user must not exceed the working load limit as this can cause the chain to snap and injure other workers in the vicinity and the user himself. The working load limit is typically stated on the side of the hoist.

Explore Our Range of Lever Blocks in Singapore

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