Welding Products



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Main Products

  • Bare wires
  • Magnetic wires
  • Rubber insulated electric wires
  • Plastics insulated electric wires
  • Tough rubber sheathed arc welding electrode cable
  • Tough rubber sheathed flexible cables for general purposes
  • PVC-insulated & PVC – sheathed power cable
  • PVC-insulated & PVC – sheathed control cable
  • PVC-insulated & PVC – sheathed signal cable

Flexible Copper – core cable for welding machines

1. Application–The product is applied up to A.C 200 V and pulsating D.C. 400V at the secondary of welding machine against the earth and connecting welding guns. The Max. continuous operating temperature of conductor is 65ºC.
2. Type YH
3. Standard of Product–The product verified by CCEE accors with the demands of GB 5013.3 85 (equal to IEC 245)
4. Construction
5. Specification


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