Material Handling



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Model – (TYPE N) *

Model – (TYPE L) *



  1. The heavier the load, the more strongly the load is gripped.
  2. By simply pushing or pulling the ring, the cam can be either closed or locked in the open position.
  3. During conveyance, lifting conditions will not change even if the lifted load receives a shock.
  4. The compression coil spring, with its initial load on the cam, ensures that even the load is delivered and wire loosens, reducing the load to zero, the clamp will not release the load.
  5. Bolts and nuts are protected by indentations in the main body, which helps reduce wear or potential for damage for use.
  6. Since the carn can be locked in the open position, clamping from above (vertically) is simplified.
  7. For lifting operations in high places or with unstable footing,easier operability is obtained by using clamps along with levers or ropes. (Models V-25-K, V-25-L).
  8. The main body and components are drop forged from special alloy steels as well as heat treated.


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