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6D Cells Torch Light and Flashlight6D Cells Torch Light and Flashlight



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Get the Best Torchlights, Flashlights & More in Singapore

Be prepared for emergencies like unexpected power outages by getting a reliable and handy torchlight. Even though a torchlight is one of the most commonly found tools on the market, most consumers don’t give much thought to choosing one. You want to make sure that you have your trusty flashlight on hand the next time you meet with an emergency.

Torchlights & Flashlights for Your Every Need

Here at Allinton, we have a comprehensive range of consumer torchlights, flashlights, remote area lighting, and more to meet your specific needs. Our flashlights come with unique features like tactical and adjustable lights. Apart from the usual torchlight that you can count on during your next outdoor adventure or power outage, we also offer flashlights that are certified and suitable for industrial use, ensuring your safety as you work in pitch dark areas.

Here are just some reasons why you should consider purchasing our flashlights:

  • High-Quality: Our torchlights are made of durable materials with the highest quality and remain functional even after accidental drops.
  • Water-Resistance: We carry water-resistant torchlights that are suitable for use even during the rainy season. Please note that the waterproof ratings may vary for different models – do check with our staff if you need clarification.
  • Comprehensive Range: We have an extensive range of flashlights with varying light output intensities for different needs. Whether you’re looking for a torchlight for personal or industrial use, you can count on us for the best torchlight

Shop Torchlights & Flashlights at Allinton Singapore Now

Looking for the best torch lights and flashlights in Singapore? Allinton has got you covered. Established in 1982, Allinton takes pride in offering high-quality hardware tools at competitive and affordable prices to meet customers’ needs. If you need any assistance picking the appropriate flashlight or have enquiries about any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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