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The air dusters are suitable to take away any dust and chips on the surface of machine tools and every other parts to be painted.


  • Body material made from plastic P.O.M, with brass thread and steel tubing.
  • Suitable for removing and cleaning any kind of chip or foreign material on work piece.
  • Convenient for these fields: Machinery; workshop; wood working; decoration and household.
  • Ergonomic design and stringent quality control.


Convenient for these fields: Machinery; workshop; wood working; decoration and household.


  • Working Pressure: 75~120 PSI
  • Max. Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Air Consumption (under 90 PSI): 1/4″ hose – 13CFM ( 350 L/min)
  • Air Inlet Thread Size: 1/4″ NPT


Air Dusters in Singapore

Looking for a way to deliver a focused stream of high-pressured air to clean off dust and residue from confined spaces, equipment and machinery? Also known as a pistol grip air gun, air dusters are ergonomically designed for optimal operator comfort, supporting a controlled and safe operation. A device that is typically used for applications that require the precision of compressed air for the removal of debris, dust, and chips on the surface of machine tools and every other part to be painted, they are also suitable for automobile maintenance, woodworking, and cooling and drying works. 

Industrial Use of Air Dusters

As mentioned, air dusters provide a pressurised blast of air that helps knock out loose dust and dirt particles from hard-to-reach corners. There are several models of air dusters – from thumb lever air guns to ergonomic ones – that are used accordingly based on the application, industrial condition, and the level of comfort that the user is seeking out for. Our air dusters are sourced from leading brands such as SHINTO and are designed for a comfortable and controlled operation.

Equipped with a nozzle, you can adjust the airflow volume and the thrust (the amount of pressure and force that exits the nozzle), to efficiently clean minute sections of recessed corners of any shop floor or machinery. Due to the high pressure generated, safe use of the air duster is essential. Apart from using the necessary safety gear, users are advised to be well-informed on its purpose and proper use. Too much pressure beyond the operating limit stated by the OSHA regulations can cause particles and debris to enter the eye and even cause irritation.

Air Duster Features

  • A larger lever that prevents exhaustion
  • Models with an angled tip that allows access to tight spots
  • Equipped with various input port types for efficient and safe connection to compressed air supply
  • Various nozzles for output ports to meet requirements of each application
  • A pistol grip design that supports variable flow control 

Explore Our Range of Air Dusters Available in Singapore

Allinton is one of Singapore’s leading hardware distributors. If you require any assistance in choosing a suitable air duster or have further queries about our products, feel free to contact us.

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