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4.1 kg (9.04 lbs) – with stand

3.6 kg (7.94 lbs) – without stand

Complete set comes with 14M Cable, Light Base & Light Pole


Head (L x W x D): 18.31 x 8.27″ x 4.72 (46.5 x 21 x 12 cm)

Light Head Height: (min) 72.00″ (182.9 cm)

Light Head Height: (max) 114.00″ (289.6 cm)

Cord Length: 552.00″ (1402.1 cm)


Light Specs

Lumens (High): 3000

Lamp Type: LED

Number of LEDs: 14

23W/ 110V


Pelican – Modular LED Light Available in Singapore

Sourced from leading professional American manufacturer, the Pelican modular LED light we have available for clients in Singapore and overseas is suitable for industrial use. The LED light not only offers vibrant and high-quality lighting but also allows for more environmentally-friendly use.

Pelican is a global leader of high-performance products which are very useful for industrial works. With an internationally-recognised collection of quality products and services, clients benefit from Pelican’s state-of-the-art technology, adding value to the experience of their customers’ and generating great returns for stakeholders.

Functions of the modular LED light

The Pelican modular LED light allows for a convenient method for lighting up stretches of dark roads and rail tracks in tunnels or on ground surface. It saves workers the need to lug heavy light towers to the work site as they can pack light and travel more safely with the Pelican LED light. Built with mount brackets at the side as well as at the end, the light can be extended up to 10 feet, be mounted on the fences, hang overhead or stand by itself. The light is also able to withstand rough terrain and accidental drops on hard surfaces owing to its built-in internal shock support mechanisms as well as tough recessed lenses made of Polycarbonate.

The Pelican modular LED light we provide in Singapore comes with 14 LEDs. Each light head comes with 3000 lumens and offers a beam spread of 125 degrees. This makes it useful to add a substantial amount of additional light at specific areas of the work station where more light is needed to carry out tasks that involve detailed workmanship.

Purchase a Pelican modular LED light in Singapore

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