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Pelican – Remote Area Light Available in Singapore

Pelican is a leading American manufacturer, globally-recognised and well-established among many international suppliers of quality products and services utilised for a range of industrial purposesThe Pelican remote area light adds to our catalogue of environmentally-friendly LED lights available in our inventory in Singapore.

Functions of the remote area light

A compact and travel-friendly 16-pound light source, the Pelican remote area light we provide in Singapore is the world’s first portable light that has acquired safety certifications for Class I Division 1, ATEX Zone 0 and IECEx. With a beam angle of 125 degrees generated from 1,600 lumens per light head, the 10 LEDs offer a spectacular quality of light to brighten up dark and hazardous working conditions. It ensures situational awareness during full work shifts with its ability to function up to 10 hours. Users also have the option to choose between high and low lighting modes.

LED lights are considered to have several environmental benefits when compared to the traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. For instance, they are more energy-efficient as most of the energy consumed is converted to light with only some wasted as heat. They also consume lesser power which thus helps to reduce the demand for power that is one of the causes behind the emission of greenhouse gases. Its longer life span ensures prolonged quality use especially in situations that require long shifts and uninterrupted supply of bright light. The LED lights also direct light more effectively to the area of focus and thus reduces the wastage of light (and thus energy).

Purchase a Pelican remote area light in Singapore

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