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Miniature Flap Wheels from as small as 10mm in diameter are excellent for finishing, grinding and polishing of small intricate workpieces. They are ideal for toolmakers, mould and patternmakers, engineers, engine repairers and modelmakers or other craftsmen working in soft or hard metals, wood or plastics. Miniature Flap Wheels are made to metric measurements. The wheels are boxed in tens. Boxed quantities cannot be broken.

How to Obtain the Best Performance

Use only light pressure so that only the tips of the flaps are in contact with the workpiece. Flap Wheels give a finer effect and last considerably longer if they are used with a rinding paste or grease. If the rate of stock removal is insufficient, use a coarse grit. When using Flap Wheels on a moving or rotating workpiece, the movement of the workpiece must be in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel. Always observe the maximum recommended R.P.M. given in the tables.

Example Applications for Unicut Flap Wheels

  • Finishing of Stainless Steel vessels.
  • Descaling heat treated aluminium.
  • Removing machine marks and flaws from castings.
  • Sanding wood, prior to painting.
  • Grinding off fibreglass flash and sharp mould edges.
  • Polishing and finishing the convex and concave surfaces of tubular steel (the wheel will wear to match the contours of the tubing).
  • Polishing aluminium – even fine grits cannot clog.
  • Removing flash from rubber and plastic.
  • Cleaning up welds, scratches and rust from fabricated parts.
  • Removing surface blemishes or excess glaze from ceramics.
  • Grinding and scuffing leather in shoemaking and repairing.
  • Removing rust and sharpening tools.
  • Removing burrs and giving satin finish to metals.
  • Grinding out imperfections on steel forgings.

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