Impact Drill
13mm impact drill13mm impact drill



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  • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 710W
  • No-load speed: 0-3000 r/min
  • Chuck size: 13mm
  • Wood: 30mm
  • Concrete: 16mm
  • Steel: 13mm
  • N.W: 2.2kg 

Professional Impact Drills in Singapore

No matter the size or scale of the project you’re currently working on, it’s always good to have a drill in your toolbox. However,  if you happen to be tackling multiple screws on a daily basis, getting a versatile and high-torque impact drill will be a great time-saver in your tool kit.

To maximise time savings, opt for one that provides sufficient power to tackle most of your projects. We offer a range of high-quality drilling gadgets in Singapore that provide incredible performance at reasonable prices. 

What Makes Our Impact Drills Unique?

Our drills are light-weighted for ease of convenience when moving between project sites. We also provide both cordless and corded options in a range of voltage ratings.

Each of our drilling machines consists of two components:

  • Clutch to adjust the torque levels. 
  • Standard head with a keyed or keyless chuck. 

Some of our models do not have a chuck; instead, the hex collet adaptor works as the chuck. Our high-torque impact drills are a preferred choice for applications that require great force, speed, and efficiency when it comes to driving screws. 

Choose the right-sized machine suitable for the task at hand to speed up your work without compromising on comfort. Those working on tasks that need to add or remove lots of screws, bolts, and nuts will find our drills an indispensable tool in their working space.

Browse Our Range of Impact Drills in Singapore

Allinton machines offer years of service if well-maintained and taken care of properly. Make sure to regularly lubricate each of the moving parts to keep it running efficiently. Keep the drill completely dry and away from moisture content to avoid the build-up of rust. 

To find a suitable impact drilling machine for your specific application, connect with our team of experts today to make the right choice. We offer product demonstrations by our trained product specialists to assure you that you’re purchasing what suits your needs best.

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