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  • Designed with two actuating pistons, bigger bending shoe for a fast movement of the bending form to the pipe and the smaller bending shoe to bend it.
  • With the big piston, pipe of 1/4 to 1” can be bend.

Easy-To-Use Hydraulic Pipe Bender

A hydraulic pipe bender is an industrial tool used to bend metal pipes such as those made of steel, stainless steel and copper at various angles to create different curves required for the work. Often found in workshops that produce piping for buildings, railways, automobiles and many other industries, the hydraulic pipe bender is regarded as safe and user-friendly by many industrial workers. We source reliable and easy-to-use hydraulic pipe benders from Curvamatic.

Functions of the hydraulic pipe bender

As an automatic bending machine, the hydraulic pipe bender taps on the power of a hydraulic system to drive the bending action of various metal pipes. However, the operator is still required to manually position the pipe and fix the angle of the desired bend before the machine can do its job. It is important that the bending action avoids producing any crimping and flattening at the angle of the bend as this will implicate its function when used for industrial works – deformed pipes can break easily under high pressure. With the help of a hydraulic pipe bender, users will be able to produce effective bends, that too at a faster and efficient rate.

As with any hydraulic equipment, safety is the top priority for the operator, regardless of how easy it is to use the tool. The use of suitable protective equipment is necessary to avoid possible injuries as a result of improper use as well as damage to equipment in the event of an accident. Using the mechanics of hydraulics, it is important that the pressure of the hydraulic system is always maintained. It will thus be helpful for the operator to employ a pressure gauge in the system to ensure that the pressure is ideal for the bending action according to the material used. Using the correct type of hydraulic fluid is also important and it is typically specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

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