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Quality Industry Standard Fire Blankets In Singapore

Fire blankets are absolute must-have safety equipment in any workshop, warehouse or construction zone. They are specially designed to put out small, accidental flames during the early stages of the fire. In addition to putting out a fire, they are also suitable for transporting people out of a burning place or dousing the flames on clothing. Here at Allinton, our top-quality fire blankets offer essential fire protection and are highly effective in extinguishing incipient fires.

Our Fire Blankets Come in Handy for Welding & Emergencies

Our fire blankets are made using non-flammable materials and are essential for staying safe against accidental fires in workspaces. In addition, fire blankets are vital to welding operations. Welding causes melted metal splatter to fall and possibly damage surrounding equipment, becoming a safety hazard. Fire blankets can be placed to catch molten metal and sparks, thus ensuring the safety of workers. Apart from welding purposes, it is always advisable to have a fire blanket nearby in high-risk environments to put out potential fires quickly before they spread.

Why Choose Our Fire Blankets

  • Our top-quality fire blankets are made using fire-resistant materials such as woven fibreglass fabrics.
  • Ideal for use as welding spatter protection
  • Ensures the safety and protection of workers in high-risk environments
  • Adhere to all the required quality and safety standards

Order Your Fire Blanket From Allinton Today

Visit Allinton now to shop for high-quality fire blankets online at competitive prices. Ensure maximum protection against fires and fire hazards in your workshop or warehouse by equipping yourself with our fire blankets today.

Interested to know more, or have a question in mind? Get in touch with us, and our support team will be more than willing to help you find the best fire blankets and welding products to suit your specific needs.

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