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RIDGID ladders are available in aluminium and fiberglass. Meet OSHA requirements and comply with code requirements of the American National Standard Institute. Also meets and exceeds Canadian Standards Association testing requirements.

Fibreglass Extension Ladders – Type 1A Extra Heavy Duty*

The RIDGID Fiberglass Extension Ladders are a great addition to your work truck. Made of premium quality, non-conductive fiberglass rails perfect for working on electrical, utility, light construction and residential jobs. It features ‘D’ shaped rungs directly connection to the rail for a slip resistance surface.


  • All-weather high strength polypropylene rope ensures smoothness; hanging pulley device provides smooth extension
  • Steel swivel safety shoes with metal shield
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps
  • Anti-skid and ruggedized D foot bar, solid and anti-skid cast aluminum safety lock
  • Outside slide guides
  • Extra heavy load bearing capacity up to 136 kg


Stock Code Model No. Height Max Extended Length Approximate
m ft m ft Weight (kg) Volume (m3)
AH76712 RL-FGE16 4.87 16 3.96 13 14.51 0.166
AH76717 RL-FGE20 6.09 20 5.18 17 23.74 0.186
AH76722 RL-FGE24 7.31 24 6.40 21 24.04 0.270
AH76727 RL-FGE28 8.53 28 7.62 25 27.21 0.314
AH76732 RL-FGE32 9.75 32 8.84 29 30.94 0.350
AH76737 RL-FGE36 10.97 36 9.75 32 36.40 0.392
AH76742 RL-FGE40 12.19 40 10.67 35 39.78 0.435


What is an Extension Ladder

Unlike normal ladders that have a standard height, an extension ladder is a ladder that can be extended by pulling out its extendable section. You can adjust its length to the height you require and it can be easily adjusted back to its original height if it’s not in use. This makes it versatile in accessing higher areas in residential or industrial projects. Similar to the regular ladder, you need to lean an extension ladder against a flat and stable surface to keep it securely in place. However, its versatility lies in its additional section, known as the fly, which is movable, allowing you to achieve your desired height with ease.

Why Use an Extension Ladder

Having an extension ladder at hand is a useful way to get access to areas that are often difficult to reach. But there are different types of ladders available in the market. One of which is the fibreglass extension ladder. 

Fibreglass Extension Ladders

When it comes to choosing the best-fit ladder, a variety of factors must be considered to ensure safety and durability. Being the more lightweight and durable option, extension ladders made of fibreglass are often the best choice. This is because a fibreglass extension ladder is more durable compared to an aluminium ladder as they’re not prone to bending and are neither susceptible to natural wear and tear. Such extension ladders can withstand strong weather conditions, making them a very strong tool to have. Fibreglass extension ladders are also safe to use around electrical items as well as in wet and slippery conditions.

Shop for Fibreglass Extension Ladders at Allinton

Allinton carries a wide range of products, including the RIDGID Fibreglass Extension Ladders, that can cater to your varying hardware, construction, and industrial requirements. We’re here to help provide you with the essentials when it comes to your tools and building needs. Contact us for more information about the different products and services we offer.

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