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The motor-driven pipe bending machines “RAPID KT10/M” fitted with silent electrohydraulic gearbox, remote-controlled by a two-way distributor, are practical indeed for the special accuracy with which they have been designed. The gearbox with radiant pistons is complete with a limit valve that enables an automatic oil discharge once the maximum stress have been reached, keeping the working pressure inalterated.

Each one of these models is also fitted with a sturdy two-storey working table. The hydraulic gearbox is placed on the lower storey, while the pipe-bending machine is placed on the upper storey. The absolute newness of the “RAPID KT10/M” is represented by the fact that they can be used also by hand if needed. The same are suitable to bend gas and water pipes without welding, of medium thickness from 3/8” up to 6”.

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