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Stock Code AQ01115 AQ01116 AQ01117
Rated Capacity (kg) 800 1600 3200
Rope advance per full stroke cycle 60 60 40
Rope Diameter (mm) 8.4 11.5 16
Lever Pull at Rated Load (daN) 24 30 50
Proof Test Load (daN) 1200 2400 4800
Net Weight – without cable (kg) 7 14 21
Dimension A 430 545 680
B 240 270 330
C 64 102 116
D 60 97 110
L1 mm 800 800
L2 mm 800 1200 1200


Durable Cable Pullers in Singapore

Cable pullers are essential tools for carrying out a range of construction and industrial projects, including renovation projects, shipbuilding, and construction works. Light, powerful, and easy to move, these devices are mainly used for pulling and pushing loads. With the help of a cable pulling device, you can stretch wirings horizontally or vertically behind walls or pull cables to the ceilings to fix lights or fans. We offer a wide range of cable pulling devices that are suitable for   that include construction and the loading and unloading of bulky and heavy weights. 

Functional & Tough Cable Pullers for Most Electrical Installations

Our professional machines allow you to pull and stretch wires even in the most challenging and hard-to-reach places to complete your tasks, including:

  • Between and behind walls
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Through sub-floorings

Our cable pulling gadgets are suitable for a variety of installation purposes and can handle a range of different pulling capacities ranging up to 6 tons.

Applications of Cable Pullers

Due to their improved functionality and innovative design, our cable pulling devices offer impressive features such as:

  • Rope clamp systems will offer adequate gripping pressure and grip and locking mechanism to ensure “sliding” does not occur.
  • Built-in shear pins that prevent overloading.
  • High efficiency and heavy-duty ball bearings, making it suitable for most running surfaces. 
  • Suitable for continuous pulling applications such as underground pulling, ground pulling, and tough wall pulling. 

Reliable Distributor for Cable Pullers in Singapore

Whether you are a professional or a beginner doing contracting works, our cable pulling products are easy to use and worth purchasing.  the stowing of cargo, the transport of machines, or emergency situations, our pulling tools will help you get the work done efficiently and safely.

To find out more about Allinton’s wire-pulling gadgets, connect with our sales representatives for more information. Our product specialists are ready to assist you with any concerns related to our products.

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