Angle Grinder
180mm angle grinder180mm angle grinder



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  • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 2400W
  • No-load speed: 8500 r/min
  • Disc size: 180mm
  • Spindle: M14
  • N.W: 5.8kg 

Angle Grinders in Singapore

Equipped with a rapidly rotating disc that serves multiple purposes, an angle grinder is a versatile power tool that delivers a high amount of torque power, making it a must-have in any workshop or toolbox. If you regularly work with iron, copper, brick, stone, mortar, or any other tough materials, having an angle grinder would be effective regardless of the industry you are in. Whether you work with other materials like tile, brass, or wooden objects, having the best grinding machine will help you get the job done quickly and properly. 

Most professional workers use grinding machines suitable for multiple purposes. Typically used to grind metal, these tools are commonly used in industries such as metalworks, construction, and even emergency rescue. Be it cutting, shaping, grinding, sharpening, or cleaning any object, these tools optimise the performance and help you complete the project with minimal effort.

How do Angle Grinders Work?

Also known as a disk or a side grinder, these grinders are powerful handheld gadgets best suited for grinding, polishing, and abrasive cutting. Though it was initially used with rigid abrasive discs, it can also be used with different types of attachments and cutters – a quick change of the disc is made convenient with the configuration of this tool.

There are several types of angle grinders, each best suited for a specific purpose. The corded angle grinder, for example, is lightweight and is often used for minor cutting jobs. At Allinton, our disc grinders are sourced from industry-leading brands like Hikoki. Equipped with a paddle switch, electronic brake, kickback protection system, and a zero voltage restart protection function, safe operations are guaranteed.

Browse Our Range of Angle Grinders

To satisfy the ever-increasing needs of our clients, we provide a wide range of side grinders that can be used for a long duration. The majority of our angle grinders are widely used for industrial applications and workshops due to their efficiency and portable nature. Not sure which grinding tool to opt for? To find out more about these grinders, get in touch with our team today.

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