Heavy-Duty Grinders in Singapore

Grinders are versatile power gadgets that perform multiple functions. From concrete floor grinders to angle grinders, grinding machinery is used in various industrial, and at times residential, processes. Generally working to remove material from a workpiece, they can also be used for polishing applications, beyond the typical grinding ones.  

At Allinton, we offer an enormous variety of grinders suitable for most working applications. Designed to ensure high accuracy of shape and surface quality, these machine tools enable you to work at your maximum potential.

Applications of Grinders

Grinders are mostly used in machine shops and metal fabrication for sharpening, cleaning, shaping, or polishing metallic objects. These grinders are best suited for most rough grinding tasks and work great for sharpening cutting tools like gouges and chisels. This machine tool consists of an abrasive wheel that functions as a cutting and shaping gadget. Beyond these, Allinton also boasts a range of concrete floor grinders and polishers that produces a beautiful floor finish.

Wide Range of Grinders in Singapore 

Among the different types of grinder machines we offer, each one serves a unique purpose. 

Here are some of the common grinding machines we offer:

  • Cylindrical Grinder: This device is used for shaping the external area of a workpiece. 
  • Surface Grinder: It mainly consists of a rotary table, chuck, and an abrasive wheel. The chuck holds the workpiece in place while the wheel rotates to give a smooth finishing. 
  • Centerless Grinder: This tool uses two rotary wheels to hold the workpiece.    
  • Concrete Grinder: Built to remove any stubborn grime on the floor, this form of a grinder will facilitate efficient floor resurfacing projects.

To guarantee the utmost safety, each of our grinders comes with diaphragms or wheel guards to prevent any mishaps while working. When operating any of these grinding machines, users must ensure that they are within the prescribed RPM limits. Exceeding the RPM limit might lead to injuries – personal protection gear such as masks and the appropriate eyewear must be worn at all times.

Browse Our Range of Grinders in Singapore

We take pride in offering the best services and products to our clients and partners.  Our broad collection of top-quality grinders are available at competitive prices without compromising on quality as they are sourced from leading brands. Known for our quality products, we are the best one-stop solution for all your hardware needs in Singapore. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on our product range. 

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