Reliable Drill Machines in Singapore

Available in many shapes and sizes, a drilling machine, be it a floor-mounted model or a bench-mounted one, is used to produce holes in or through specific work material. Beyond its drilling or boring capabilities, they can perform other operations such as countersinking, spot facing, tapping, and reaming, amongst others.

Also known as a press drill, a drill machine can be used on a vast range of materials like wood. Constructed with a few core parts – spindle, sleeve, column, head, worktable, and base – they all work together to produce various sizes of holes in numerous surface areas with precision.      

Applications of Drill Machines

Drilling machines are indispensable equipment in a wide array of industries including machinery manufacturing, construction, repair factories, and other machine shops. Made using top-quality materials and available in various sizes, choosing the right drill press is pivotal. Highly dependent on the spindle speed, spindle nose, electric motor, and spindle travel, the right one will cater to a range of machining operations.

To ensure the efficiency of the drilling process, it is crucial to look into the following:

  • Size of the twist drill
  • Accuracy of drill point, machine chuck and sleeve
  • Rigidity of the drilling machine spindle and the entire machine
  • Rigidity of the workpiece and the setup

At Allinton, our drill machines are sourced from industry-leading brands. Hence, the basics such as low-noise operation, smooth feed, minimum wear, powerful coolant system, optimum size to performance ratio, and safety measures will all be checked, optimally meeting all the international safety standards and requirements.

Browse Our Range of Drill Machines

Each of our drilling gadgets is suitable for performing various tasks – both in the construction industry and for standard workshop use. Being in the industry since 1982, our years of experience translates to our expertise in the field of hardware distribution. Offering all customers in Singapore and beyond superior services and an extensive range of products, you can rest assured your selection is one that meets all safety standards regardless of its competitive pricing.

For more information concerning the different types of drill machines, we offer, reach out to our support staff to guide you to make the perfect selection

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