High-Quality Power Threading Machine

We work with Ridgid and Reed to provide power threading machines to customers all over the world. Used to thread pipes and bolts, these machines cut durable and high-quality threads that can thrive in high-pressure and airtight environments.

Effective threads for industrial functions

The power threading machine creates threads which help to fasten components. Pipes, for instance, are threaded at the end so that there are no cases of potential leakages when they are assembled.

There is a range of power threading machines that are suitable for different intensities of threading. Our machines are fitted with quality die-heads and dies that are highly-efficient in cutting precise threads. Alignment features in each of our power threading machines are useful for the user in ensuring that the pipe or bolt are positioned accurately so that the threads can be cut onto the materials with precision. The machines are also fitted with well-designed hammer chucks for easy and safe use. As threading pipes and bolts requires a decent amount of control, it is important that the user is well versed with the machine and can fully optimise the machine’s capability to produce quality threads.

Safety is of optimal priority and any inappropriate functioning of the machines may put the user at risk. Any skill user must still familiarise themselves with the operating manual of the power threading machine before operating it. It is also important to allow the machine to thread at its pace and not force the material through the cutter to quicken the task. This is unsafe as it poses the risk of a serious accident that can severely injure the user.

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