Versatile Industrial Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is typically sturdier than the standard industrial wrenches because it’s specifically designed to turn threaded pipes and pipe fittings. It is essential to use the correct type of pipe wrench to turn particular types of pipe joints. Our range of pipe wrenches from Protools and Ridgid is suitable for varied types of pipework.

Types of pipe wrenches

There are different types of pipe wrenches that are suitable for industrial use. They include:

  • Straight: To tighten or loosen all types of pipes
  • Offset: For pipes built in unconventional angles or hard-to-reach areas
  • End: For pipes that are built closer to walls
  • Compound: For pipes with stiff joints
  • Chain: For extremely tight pipes
  • Strap: For polished, plated or plastic pipes 

It is imperative to use the correct pipe wrench when performing specific types of pipework to minimise any potential risks of injuries during the operation. Using the wrong pipe wrench can also damage both the wrench and the pipe. Some improper uses of the pipe wrench include:

  • Adding a cheater: Do not slip a piece of pipe over the wrench’s handle just to increase the exertion of force, as this may lead to the pipe breaking the wrench or the wrench snapping out of position, severely injuring the worker.
  • Bent handle: If the handle of the pipe wrench is bent or twisted, it should be removed from the workshop.
  • Modification: A modified wrench may not function properly and can result in injury when more force is applied.

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