Typically, a hinged cutter is used to cut pipes into their desired lengths that help to meet industrial and residential requirements. Different types of metal pipes are used for various purposes in the industrial and residential environment. They include plumbing and electrical works within the home and buildings, as well as pipelines to transport gases within manufacturing plants. These pipes are commonly made from steel and cast-iron. As different cutter wheels can be used to cut different piping material, the right hinged cutter should be used to perform cutting tasks and achieve their required lengths.

Steel and cast-iron hinged cutter

Allinton provides various models of hinged cutters for cutting steel, ductile iron and stainless steel pipes, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers Ridgid and Reed.

The hinged cutter is equipped with four cutter wheels (replaceable and interchangeable) for cutting different materials such as ductile iron, stainless steel and cast iron. A 4” (125mm) clearance space is required with a 90° to 110° handle swing to cut off the pipe. Strong guide fingers allow perfect wheel alignment for square cuts. A closed 360° frame directs all energy into cutting the pipe for the highest efficiency. There is no shower of sparks in this cold cut.

Being able to achieve faster and easier cuts, that too when working in tight spaces, make hinged cutters from Reed and Ridgid the only ones recommended for ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel to Schedule 100.

As with any tool, safety is of topmost priority for the user. It is advised that you maintain all safety precautions when cutting the metal pipes. For instance, avoid stopping in the middle of the cutting action and be sure to wear the required personal protection equipment (PPE) for this purpose.

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