Find a Suitable High Pressure Cleaner in Singapore

High pressure cleaners are used by industries that require pressure or power washing of equipment, vehicles or workstations. The powerful water spray is effective in removing all kinds of impurities, such as loose paint, dust, mud, grime and dirt. The range of high pressure cleaner or spray machines in our inventory offer a range of functionalities and are supplied by AET.

Function of high pressure cleaner

The high pressure cleaner can come in different varieties. Some are suitable for cold water cleaning, while others can accommodate hot water beyond boiling temperatures. Depending on the nature of the cleaning, the right type of high pressure cleaner should be employed. Those looking for a high pressure cleaner in Singapore will be able to choose between hot and cold water spraying machines from our list.

The pressure cleaner usually comes with more than one high-quality ceramic pistons to create the pressure required to support the cleaning process. A temperature regulation and pressure gauge are also installed so that the user can ensure that the water in the machine does not go beyond the specified limits. Hot water pressure cleaners typically come with double motors to ensure that energy is supplied to run the machine and to maintain the temperature of the water. 

The nozzles of the high pressure cleaners are effective in altering the flow and speed of the water being sprayed. The user will be able to cover greater distances or apply more pressure when cleaning tougher surfaces. This, however, can compromise the safety of the user and may potentially damage the object being washed. As such, the user is advised to keep an eye on the temperature and pressure gauges throughout the operation.

Purchase a high pressure cleaner in Singapore

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