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Industries employ grease lubricators especially for lubricating heavy-duty machines that generate a lot of friction when in operation. Grease is often used when it is not practical to apply oil to lubricate the machinery.

Lubricating grease refers to a liquid made from oil, thickeners and additives with properties that allow for the effective lubricating of moving surfaces, that too without leaking out under the pressure that is generated from the movement. Being able to retain its properties under any level of applied force and temperature is the lubricant’s key requirement. Apart from that, grease works as a sealant and prevents corrosive contaminants from setting on the components, thus preventing the machine’s condition from deteriorating. It is also used as a form of preventive maintenance.

Suitable applications for grease lubricator

When using a grease lubricator, it is important to take note of the machinery’s design and how it operates so that you can employ the appropriate lubricator.
Grease lubricators can be used for:

– Machines that run intermittently for a short amount of time and are usually kept in storage
– Machines that require lubrication but contain components that are not easily accessible and takes up time to regularly apply the lubricant manually. As such, high-quality grease lubricators are used to effectively lubricate these components with one application and this eliminates the need for frequent replenishing. Grease is also used for machines that are sealed for life, such as electrical motors and gearboxes, and thus an appropriate type of grease is used to lubricate such machines for the longest period of time.
– Machines that operate under extreme temperatures, pressures and loads or slow speed with a heavy load, as well as other types of extreme conditions. Such conditions may generate friction and thus a grease lubricator is necessary to maintain the quality functioning of these machines.

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