Find a Suitable Air Grease Lubricator

Industries employ air grease lubricators especially for lubricating heavy-duty machines that generate a lot of friction when in operation. Pneumatic grease is often used when it is not practical to apply oil to lubricate the machinery.

Air grease lubricators are one of the finest pneumatic tools used to deliver a continuous supply of lubricant to pneumatic tools, machinery, or equipment. They work by using compressed air to force lubricant from a reservoir into the air supply line, which then distributes the lubricant to the designated lubrication points. This helps to prevent wear and tear, reduce friction, and extend the lifespan of the equipment or machinery, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Suitable Applications for Air grease Lubricators

When using an air grease lubricator, it is important to take note of the machinery’s design and how it operates so that you can employ the appropriate lubricator. Air grease lubricators are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries where pneumatic tools and equipment are used. Some common applications include:

Air grease lubricators can be used for:

  • For automotive maintenance when there is a need to lubricate vehicle components such as bearings, joints and suspension systems.
  • Machines that require lubrication but contain components that are not easily accessible. As such, high-quality air grease lubricators are used to effectively lubricate these components with one application and this eliminates the need for frequent replenishing. 
  • Machines that operate under extreme temperatures, pressures and loads or slow speed with a heavy load, as well as other types of extreme conditions. Such conditions may generate friction and thus an air grease lubricator is necessary to maintain the quality functioning of these machines.

Explore Our Air Grease Lubricators from Kanazawa

As one of the largest hardware distributors in Singapore, we at Allinton continue to deliver trusted brands such as Kanazawa so that you can deliver a steady and controlled supply of grease or oil to pneumatic tools, machinery, or equipment. Our air grease lubricators can be utilised in a range of industries and can efficiently lubricate key parts and reduce friction. For more pneumatic tools, check out our range of pneumatic blowers, air grease pump and pneumatic torque multipliers.

Reach out to our experts for more information on our grease lubricators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Grease Lubricators

1. Is an air grease lubricator worth it?

Yes, an air grease lubricator is worth it for industries that rely on pneumatic equipment and machinery. It helps to reduce equipment wear and tear, increase efficiency and reliability, and prevent equipment failure and downtime. Overall, it is a cost-effective investment that can lead to long-term savings and improved performance.

2. How does an air grease gun work?

An air grease gun works by using compressed air to force grease from a reservoir through a hose and into the lubrication point of a machine or piece of equipment. The gun is typically attached to an air compressor and can be adjusted to deliver a specific amount of grease for precise lubrication.

3. At what pressure should an air grease gun be?

The recommended operating pressure for an air grease gun depends on the model and application. However, most air grease guns have a common operating pressure range and a maximum pressure limit. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the appropriate pressure for a specific air grease gun.

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