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A die grinder is a tool used to grind, sand and polish materials like metal, plastic and wood in all types of equipment. Its main intention is to smoothen the surfaces of the material so that the equipment can function correctly. We work with a variety of brands, such as AET, NKS and Shinto, to provide the die grinder to our customers in Singapore and overseas. You can filter the selection on the left to look for your desired die grinder from the respective brands.

Choose the right type of die grinder from our inventory in Singapore

Allinton provides different types of die grinders to our customers. With the varied nature of industrial materials, the right type of die grinder must be employed for the appropriate material. There are typically two main classifications of the die grinder which customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and several other countries look out for – the straight and angle die grinder.

Straight die grinder

The normal die grinder is a straight handheld tool that may often look like an oversized and bulky pen. It can be run cordless (i.e. with batteries), wired (connected to a power supply) or pneumatic (driven by compressed air). They come in different sizes, and thus the nature of the job to be performed will determine which size is more suitable.

Angle die grinder

The angle die grinders perform the same functions and operate in the same way as that of the normal die grinder. However, its cutting is built at an angle to the shaft, thus its name. Moreover, it comes with a motor that offers greater rotating power than the normal grinders.

Look for the best die grinder you need from our inventory in Singapore.

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