Heavy-Duty Cut Off Machine

Cut off machines are used for cutting raw materials into their specified dimensions. In contrast to the typical saws such as the smaller portable ones, the cut off machine is an industrial-strength saw that is used for heavy and repeated use.

Features of the cut off machine

The right cut off machine should always be used when cutting specific types of materials. For example, cut off machines with diamond or silicon carbide blades will be ideal for cutting concrete, while those with a fine-tooth blade will be able to cut through various metals. Abrasive blades can also be used to cut through materials that are tougher and more rigid.

The cut off machine is typically a high-speed industrial machine saw that operates at speeds of over 3,000 rpm. It can be fixed to the ground or a bench. There are also portable cut off machines which workers can shift around within the workstation or bring to an external work site.

Safety, as with any type of heavy-duty machine, is essential during its operation. All users are required to follow safety protocols when operating the cut off machine. As this is a high-speed, heavy-duty and powerful machine saw, there is a higher potential for accidents to occur as a result of improper usage. Users are advised to strictly adhere to the operating rules to ensure their safety. Some of the important safety measures operators must take note of include:

         Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes workshop overalls and safety goggles

         Maintaining a firm grip onto the handles of the machine for control

         Ensuring the machine is functioning well before inserting material to cut

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