High-Quality Chain Block in Singapore

A chain block is often used in industrial work to lift and lower heavy loads. The mechanism is geared by a pulley system of wheels that are wound with a strong and heavy chain. The chain blocks we provide in Singapore for local and international clients are supplied by premium equipment manufacturers, which include Kanazawa and Vital.

Function of chain blocks

The chain blocks are built to lift heavy objects with its strong lifting capabilities supported by a highly-efficient pulley mechanism. It can be used in different situations. For instance, garage workers use the chain block to lift the engines of the cars more easily. Workers in construction are able to hoist a bulk of materials up to higher levels or remove materials from their trucks. Technicians on the assembly line also require the help of a chain block to lift heavy objects from the belts. Chain blocks are also very useful in rescue operations, especially, for instance, in the extraction of cars in treacherous terrains or a vehicle pileup after a terrible accident.

Most chain blocks are operated via manual mechanisms, however, the industry also uses electric-powered chain blocks that help to enhance the efficiency of the operation being carried out. All chain blocks come with a load hook that connects the chain block to the load it is being used to carry. Upon pulling, the tension on the chain tightens its grip on the load through a strong holding mechanism in the wheel of the pulley system. The load is then lifted safely.

Safety of workers is necessary during the lifting process. All headgear and footwear must be worn at all times during lifting operations to reduce risk of head or leg injury in the event where the load drops, either due to a lack of tension in the chain, overload or faulty equipment. All workers must be trained before operating the chain block.

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