Kyowa Singapore Engineering Equipment

Being the leading manufacturer of stress or pressure-measuring equipment across the globe, Kyowa promises high standards when it comes to providing top-quality products. These electronic equipment deliver future-proof solutions for the most sophisticated and diverse requirements. We are proud to be one of the few distributors in Singapore to offer Kyowa products, as we strive to provide only the best engineering equipment to our customers.

Reliable Pressure Testing Pumps From Kyowa

The pressure testing pumps by Kyowa are uniquely designed instruments used for measuring the vacuum or pressure inside a fluid power system. Whenever you wish to measure the hydrostatic pressure of a specific equipment, you can easily install these gauges onto the machine. By conducting pressure tests, measuring and carefully monitoring the accurate pressure inside a system, you can prevent downtime or damages caused by the changes in pressure within the equipment. 

The pressure pump displays the pressure accurately on the dial, which consists of a needle controlled by a tube or spring that moves based on the pressure.

Uses of Pressure Testing Pumps From Kyowa

Kyowa pressure pumps are suitable for numerous industrial applications in Singapore. Before using any gadget, it is important to make sure the pressure lies within the specified limits. Some of the common pressure gauge applications include:

  • Checking air conditioning systems or plumbing repair works
  • Conducting calibration checks on pressure switches, controllers, transmitters, and indicators
  • Testing machinery, hydraulic systems, compressors, heating systems, and medical engineering equipment
  • Locating or testing leaks in central heating systems and water pipes

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Browse our extensive collection of Kyowa products online today. Rest assured that each of our products in store is made using high-quality materials sourced from highly reputed brands to ensure great durability. Get your hands on Kyowa products, as well as a wide range of engineering equipment at competitive prices — only at Allinton. Shop now and get your purchase delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore!

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