Magnetic Drill


BRAND: Unibor

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Designed and developed for the particular needs of underwater engineering specialists, this unique machine uses hydraulic power and a special mechanically switched magnet to bring the accuracy and performance of bench drills to underwater workpieces.

It uses well proven technology to cut accurate holes through metal much more quickly than traditional twist drills by only removing the material at the periphery of the holes being cut. This means that a much smaller proportion of the material is converted into chippings which requires less power and takes less time.


· Hydraulically powered for underwater drilling

· Mechanically switched magnet

· Powerful and secure magnetic hold

· Safe and powerful hole cutting

· This tool is primarily designed for underwater use

  • Cutting Capacity : 12 – 60mm
  • Depth of cut: 2”
  • Magnet Adhesion: 1230 lbs
  • Magnet size: 181 X 117.5mm
  • Stroke : 170mm
  • Max Inlet Pressure : 3250 psi (224 bar)
  • Clamping Force : 5395N (650kg)
  • Speed : 50 – 400rpm
  • Motor Flow Rate : 10 – 50 lit/min
  • Dimension : L: 380mm W: 185mm (260mm handle) H: 500 mm
  • Weight : 21kg
  • Standard Accessories : Carrying case, Allen Keys, Safety Strap, Cutting Oil
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