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Pick the Best Rotary Cutter in Singapore

The rotary cutter has become one of the essential tools for industries focused on piping works. With technological advancements boosted by enhanced scientific enquiry, the rotary cutters in the market today are more efficient and produce far superior finishing results. The rotary cutters in our Singapore warehouse, supplied by Reed, are ideal tools for cutting various types of metal pipes and tubes. Exclusive to the Reed brand is the Low Clearance Rotary Pipe Cutters, which are able to cold cut large diameters of steel and a range of other materials including stainless steel. Requiring only 5-inches of clearance, acquiring safe, clean and straight cuts will be a breeze with these manual-operated cutters. Reed also makes available a wide range of replacement cutter wheels and blades that are made from high shock-resistant tool steel, which leaves less burr.

Understanding the Function of a Rotary Pipe Cutter

A rotary cutter, also known as a pipe cutter or manual cold rotary pipe cutters, is a tool leveraged to provide a clean, professional-quality cut. More convenient than tools such as hacksaws, the fast and easy-to-use rotary cutter ensures that the cuts that result are clean and neat, necessitating minimal to no deburring or extensive clean-up. Due to its efficiency and precision, the rotary cutter is thus one of the go-to tools amongst plumbers and other professionals looking for a safe way to cut pipework.

Benefits of Using a Rotary Cutter

The rotary cutter cuts pipes safely, easily, efficiently and at a low cost. It provides a square cut and can be used in close quarters anywhere—in the ditch, underwater, in noise-free zones, overhead, in racks of pipes, and more. These tools are made from highly durable materials which are built to last for decades.

They are also suitable for use on pipes and tubes of various materials, such as aluminium, copper, cast iron and stainless steel. Users can also produce accurate and precise cuts using the rotary cutter with the help of effective positioning mechanisms. With the proper grip of the tool’s long handle, the pipe you aim to cut will snap off squarely before the wheels on the rotary cutter penetrate halfway through the pipe. 

Compared to most cutters of the past, the latest rotary cutters produce very little noise, making the workstation more conducive to work. Excellent for cold cuts, a procedure that enables one to cut through materials without heat or flame, you can rest assured that no sparks will be produced — making it ideal for use even in hazardous environments. Reed’s rotary cutter is also easy to manoeuvre with user-friendly handles designed with workshop ergonomics in mind so that users can minimise the risks of musculoskeletal injuries, all while boosting workplace productivity and efficiency by scores.

However, it is pivotal to note that safety is always a concern when working with any type of rotary cutter. As with any machinery or hand tool, big or small, each cutter in our inventory in Singapore comes with a safety manual with operational rules that all users must abide by. A video instruction manual guide can be found on Reed’s official website as well.

Browse Our range of Rotary Cutters in Singapore

Choosing the best rotary cutter will depend on your needs and several other key factors. Browse through our range of cold cutters and other versatile hinged cutters to find the right tool to perform specific cutting tasks. Need help with finding the ideal rotary cutter? Let our professional team at Allinton assist you. Drop us a line today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rotary Cutters

1. What is a rotary cutter used for?

A rotary cutter is a professional and effective cold cutting tool that allows users to cut large diameter pipes in close quarters. Cost-effective solutions, they can be operated safely and easily in most locations, even in overhead positions or in explosive atmospheres. The Reed rotary cutters found on Allinton are designed with cutting wheels specifically for use with ductile pipes. 

2. What are the different types of rotary cutters?

While it might be easy to get confused with the range of rotary cutters commonly used for home DIY projects, the cold rotary pipe cutters used in industrial settings vary only in terms of their length, pipe capacity, type of cutter wheel, and application. Therefore, once you have decided on the right brand to procure your rotary cutter from, you will only have to determine these specifics before choosing the ideal one.

3. What size rotary cutter should I get?

This is highly dependent on the size of the pipe you aim to cut through and the amount of clearance space you have to work with. At Allinton, we have a range of rotary cutter models appropriate for varying pipe capacities and diameters. All sizes utilise the same cutter wheels which can cut through thick-walled steel pipes. 

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