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A unique mechanism has been developed to eliminate deformations in the pieces being drawn. It can also be used for lifting (angles up to 60°).

  1. By preventing deformations, operating safety is improved. This type of clamp no longer needs an additinoal component, found to cause deformations when lifting sectioins vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. Thus, work safety is increased, and the life of the hook is lengthened.
  2. Multifunctional. Useful for a variety of purposes, including the lifting, drawing and other moving of sections using both chains and lever blocks.
  3. As seen fromabove the ring, the clamp can be rotated 360° horizontally,enabling a wide range of setting options.Unloaded,the ring turns 360°, thus avoiding unecesary bending load in the drawing direction.
  4. Drawing hook side-sliding prevention mechanism. During right/left, forward/ backward, and diagonal drawing a strong gripping force ensures the bolt bites into the load. The clamp will therefore not slide sideways.

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