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Model – 4″ ZIRC *


Available in Types ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’

Unicut Flap Discs are available in Zirconium or Aluminium Oxide cloth in a full range of grits and in a choice of three different styles:

Heavy-Duty (Type A), Lightweight (Type B), and Lightweight Flat (Type C) ranges.

The discs have been developed primarily to replace sanding discs and in some applications have advantages over depressed centre grinding discs, particularly on light gauge sheet and where finish is important such as on stainless steel. No backing pads are required – the discs fit directly on to your machine. Unicut Flap Discs are constructed from overlapping flaps of the highest quality abrasive cloth. As the flaps wear down, new abrasive is continuously exposed, ensuring a constant finish throughout the long life of the disc.

New Improved Angled Backing Plate

The angle of the flaps on Type A and Type B Flap Discs have previously been achieved by building up layers of resin onto the backing plate. The new design of the Unicut backing plate allows the angle of the flaps to be created with reduced resin saturation of the cloth, this results in more usable cloth being available, therefore increasing the optimum performance period of the discs. Approved

Unicut Flap Discs are completely safe for use on any angle grinder. The discs are rated for use at 80 m/s having been tested at 150 m/s and approved by the Grinding Wheel Authority – A safety standard recognised throughout the world as the most stringent of tests.

Zirconium Flap Discs are ideally suited to the grinding and finishing of Stainless Steel. Every Stainless Steel Fabricator who has used Sanding Discs will know how they can glaze and stop cutting. Zirconium was developed especially for the tough grinding applications and the laminated construction of the Flap Discs ensures that it keeps cutting effectively. Experience in the field on a wide variety of applications and metals has shown that, Zirconium coated abrasives out perform Aluminium Oxide by a good margin.

Advantages of Unicut Flap Discs

  • EXCELLENT finish in one operation.
  • Suitable for a wide range of steels, other metals and materials.
  • Cooler grinding – less blueing.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Constant finish throughout long life.
  • Maximum use can be made of cloth – less waste.
  • Rapid stock removal with finer finish in one operation.
  • Easier to control – less tiring to use.
  • No backing pad required.
  • Lower noise level.
  • Reduced clogging and glazing.
  • All sizes can be used on top speed machines.
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